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Vidmante Jasukaityte

Solitude speaks through the night,

Through your body

And silence does solitude speak.

No, it doesn’t talk“

It etches the night with sharp nails,

drawing blood.

The night speaks through silence.

She is quiet”

And only gives me your body.

And you are quiet in solitude,

And both of us are silent in solitude.

And solitude is cast as an endless sky

On our lives, our lips and dreams,

On our fingers, palms and our feet.

Like black poison, full of stinging bees”

Night on our lives…

Where forever

We will not have each other”

Only the past,

Solitude and night…

And the acacia,

far in the north

From the collection “Neiškastam sidabrui pasakyk sudie”[Say Farewell to Unmined Silver], 1999. Vilnius, “Margi raštai” [Mixed Writings]

- Reklama -


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