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Attn. Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania
Attn: Vice minister of Justice Egle Radusyte


Your ref No (631/06)-9r-23/8 Nov 2007, also KAUNAS DISTRICT COURT 8 Nov 2007 Nov
2007, Chairman of the court:Virginijus Kalkauskas.Criminal case  No.1-52-06 / 2001 Prienai 2001year April month 2 day. It has been brought to my notice that, and I state per todays date that as I am now personally involved in this case,I am informing you that this case involves detrimental consequences for the land of Norway, its King and Country, my land from where I originated from United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Irland, Queen and Country, and not least the European Union.

We have documentation, recorded telephone conversations, hand written statements signed and dated which indicates tortur,beatings and not least electric shock, also two accounts of Dainius Laurenovas being beaten by a Lithuanian police officer in order to obtain a confession of guilt of which he still maintains his innocence.

The reason being that Dainius Laurenovas was imprisoned in Lithuania for a crime he did not commit for 1year 9months and 9days.I personally maintain that if THE LITHUANIAN MINISTRY OF JUSTICE today has one small scrap of dignity left in them, they should retract this extradition order immediatly due to the fact of embarressment to all parties concerned.

Due to the full document indicated ENCLOSURES.52 PAGES, when I went to english school a dossier was designated complete. This document ref.No(631/06)-9r-23/8 is contaminated to the fact of one corruption, blatant lies,and deceit, how on earth was the Norwegian courts able to have knowledge of this. Laws are made to help democracy.

Now the final infomation I will indicate and the reason being is I do not trust the police/employees in Prienai/Kaunas due to corruption.On the 17.2.2008 time 19.50. I e.mailed a person Antanas Kalvaitis Prienai police asking for information of a policeman name Zukauskas criminal division,year 1998 to 2003, I have never recieved an answer back, no person in this world except myself had no knowledge of what I had done. A man by the name of Kostikis nickname Nilas still walks the streets of Lithuania today,he has a sentence of 3yrs and 6mnths, after my e.mail, this man useing mobile telephone no.860858693,has threatened on one occasion Dainius Laurenovas, a family member for information, two telephones have been made to date.

We are in possession of hand written statements with details, undersigned and faxed to Norway also telephone tape recordings which has now been translated. THIS PROVES THAT DAINIUS LAURENOVAS WAS NEVER INVOLVED IN THE GARAGE BREAK-IN A.S.UTMANAS OWNER R.STALIUNAS.

List over organizations which I have passed this information to is Amnesty International, Council of Europe Strasbourg, European Commission, Justice and Home affairs, Newspapers, Television Companies.

Lithuania, you shock me. The pen is mighty than the sword.

Brian Couling

P.S. Dear Mr.Brian Couling, Dainius Laurenovas must feel very lucky, that our police was torching him to obtain a confession of guilt only for garage break-in: at the moment there are several people in Lithuania, who were torchered in police to obtain a confession of … murder that they didn’t do, and were imprisoned from 14 to 18 years. Two of such people after trying to find the truth in Lithuania didn’t succeed to do this and died. Died innocent in prison. That is the reality of Lithuania, which is NATO and ES country. And that’s why Lithuanians are running from Lithuania as the rats from a sinking boat. It is a pitty to admit, but Lithuania is not a democratic, but in fact a police-country, still living under the Stalin’s rule: “Just give a man, and we will incriminate for him a crime”.

Many people thought that when Lithuania becomes NATO and ES country, the corruption will be root out, and the West through the law will help to built the democracy here. But after we became ES and NATO member, the things even went badly. The only good thing that gave us membership in ES is that Lithuanians now can run away to ES countries from this rotten and corrupted police-state.

According to the the statistic, more than 50 percent of Lithuanians feel nostalgy to the Soviet times. Do you know why? Because then Lithuanians had a Moscow, where they could go, complaint and could find the truth. For such things like now, i.e. torchering, beating with the purpose to obtain a confession of guilt, the police (then milicy) officers could go streigt to the prison themselves. And now Lithuanians DO NOT HAVE the FINAL INSTITUTION, where they could complain for our highly corrupted servants of Themide and find the Truth. The Judges are laughting at us: go and complain to Brussels. Because they know, that Brussels doesn’t care, are the people torchering and beating in Lithuania like in Stalin’s time, or not; are the people imprisoned in Lithuania without any evidence, or no. Because Brussels only care about Lisabona Treaty…

So what shall we, Lithuanians, do, who knows?

Editor in Chief  Giedre Goriene


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