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The Mayor of Vilnius V.Navickas is asked to cancel the permit for European homosexuals to organize a parade in Vilnius

To the Chairman of Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania I. Degutiene
To the Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania A. Kubilius
To the members of Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania
To the Mayor of Vilnius city V. Navickas


of council of Vilnius Office
of the Sajudis (Movement) of Lithuania

NO to parade of the homosexuals in Vilnius!

For some time the homosexuals express theirselves in active way in the society demanding exclusive rights and privileges. Some institutions in the European Union demand from the members of the EU community an exceptional regard to the homosexuals, criticize the unamenable and even try to apply sanction to countries.

Lithuania administers its life according to the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania accepted by the referendum of 25 10 1992, the Article 38 of which indicates:

Family is the ground of society and State.

State defends and protects family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood.

Marriage is made by free accord of a man and a woman.

State registers marriage, birth and death, also acknowledges church registration of a marriage.

Rights of the spouses are equal.

Right and duty of parents is to upbring their children to be fair people and faithful citizens, to maintain them till the adulthood.

Duty of children is to regard parents, to patronize them in senility and to save their heritage.

There is indicated in the Law of the RL About protection of the underage from negative effect of public information (10th September 2002 No. IX-1067) that the public information, which stimulates sexual intercourse, slights family values, stimulates some otherwise conception of marriage and family, which differs from the one set in the Constitution of the RL and in the Civil Code of the RL, is considered to be the information which has negative effect on psychical health, psychical, physical and moral development of the underage.

No different religions, ethnical groups, social layers in Lithuania oppose themselves against the other, do not disturb social quiet, do not gather for any exceptional meetings. Each one of them with his lifestyle and behaviour is a representative of society, and with his nature is a participant of reproduction of society.

The homosexuals are tolerated at shops, institutions, transport, workplaces, public events as well as the other citizens. However, we are against the strained raise of homosexuals’ problems (are there any in Lithuania???), against policy and ideology, which propagate the homosexuality in aggressive way.

The homosexuals do not take a part in the process of reproduction of society, but use it by satisfaction of their sexual needs. No one in the world has presented a report about damage made by the homosexuals.

Therefore, we ask not to satisfy any extreme demands of the Lithuanian homosexuals, as well as of the European ones, which could cause disorder and contraposition of people. There is enough tolerance and respect in Lithuania to each human, insofar as he respects and tolerates the other.

We ask the Mayor to cancel the permit for European homosexuals to organize a parade in Vilnius.

We need neither officials of the EU Committee ” the intercessors of the homosexuals – nor meetings of any members of sexual minorities in Lithuania. Vilnius is not a suitable place for solution of the homosexuals’ problems.

Therefore, we claim that we do not assent to organization and propagation of any events of the homosexuals in Vilnius. We militate for tolerance, but not for exceptional promotion and agitation.


Chairman of Council L.Kerosierius

Council Members:

G. Adomaitis, A. Akelaitis, A. Ambrazas, S. Boreika, A. Bruzas, A. Budriunas, P. Dirse, S. Eidukonis, R. Jakuciuniene, P. Girdzijauskas, A. Gribeniene, J. Gurskas, P. Gvazdauskas , L. Kerosierius, J. Kuoras, A. Malinionis, H. Martinkenas, A. Markuniene, J. Parnarauskas, F. Petkus, B. Raila, P. Rutkauskas, G. Ruzgys, A. Skaistys, R. Skaistis , R. Simonaitis, Z. Simonaitis, K. Staniulevicius, J. Saulys, K. Vidziunas, R. Vilimiene, A. Zalatorius, S. Žilinskas.


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