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Into Šiauliai Military airport where NATO Military air police mission is being executed during night time civilian trucks were allowed to freely drive inside and then out with military cargo. H.C. photo.

Although Military Police refuses to comment the crime that happened in Military air force base in Šiauliai, Lithuania’s Military and Prosecutors office also hides behind pre-trail investigation and remains silent, new details are beginning to show n the story written in ‘Hot Commentary’ – that from Šiauliai Military airport where mission by NATO air police is being executed De-icing means were being ‘borrowed’ to civilians (a private Company) in huge quantities that were meant for aircraft landing runaway spreading appeared in Estonia’s Amari Military aerodrome.

According to sources this pre-trail investigation may become a huge international scandal, because chemicals that were dedicated for NATO Military air police mission in Šiauliai aerodrome care were bought with Lithuania’s, Latvia’s and Estonia’s money: 50 percent for De-icing means were paid by Lithuania, 25 percent paid by Latvia and 25 percent by Estonia.

‘Šiauliai Military aerodrome had De-icing means bought for millions’, – sources said to the ‘Hot Commentary’.

As ‘Hot Commentary’ has already written Military Police is executing a pre-trail investigation on De-icing means transportation from Military air base in Šiauliai.

According to sources data, this investigation was started after contest held in Estonia’s Amari Military aerodrome for Chemical De-icing means – liquid and granular – purchase participation and loss Finnish Company started investigation through Estonia of why Company from Šiauliai suggested Finnish manufactured De-icing chemicals in a lower price that manufacturer itself while suggesting it at its prime cost.

According to sources during investigation requested by Estonia Company from Šiauliai that caused suspicion was started being supervised. This investigation led to Lithuania’s Military air force base in Šiauliai where a truck with Chemical De-icing means – liquid and granules – for aircraft landing runaway spreading was caught after leaving Military air force base.

The paradox is that these Chemical De-icing means through one firm from Šiauliai have ended up in Estonia’s Amari Military airport, which tries to take over the NATO air police mission from Lithuania’s Šiauliai Military airport.

‘I don’t believe that that soldier who is being made a scapegoat in this story could have thought of this affair alone. He is a defender of Seimas, a volunteer and without a strong pressure from above he wouldn’t have done anything like that’, – sources think.

‘You just think your selves: firstly one needed to know that Estonia’s Military aerodrome Amari has announced a contest for Finnish De-icing means supply. Second, one had to know that Šiauliai Military airport had some of those Finnish De-icing means bought in reserve. Third, if one wanted to win the contest one needed to be sure for the supplied amount – for Amari aerodrome needed not kilograms but tones. Fourth is that this kind of ‘businesses may be possible to pull off with one or two trucks but to supply De-icing means to Estonia’s Military airport constantly, in tones? That is that even a soldier cannot leave the Military base with his one car without a resolution and here we have trucks loaded with chemicals?’ – Sources were thinking.

Sources are astonished why such an important pre-trail investigation is being carried by Militaray Police and not the General Prosecutor office.

‘Military Police is a subordinate to Lithuania’s Military that’s why we already can guess the outcome of this investigation: everything will be blamed on that poor volunteer and he and two civilians will be made into the scapegoats. It’ll be settled on this version because this affair is related not only to Lithuania but also Latvia and Estonia the reason is that De-icing means were also bought using their money. For this affair to be fully and responsibly solved the pre-trail investigation needed to be taken by General Prosecutor office because Military Police would not investigate their higher-ups. And the system there is very clear: if you do not listen to your superior you will be demoted or send to reserve’, – said sources.

‘According to information that is given to the public we can make a presumption that in this story that the punished ones will be the ones needed punishing and that is it … until the next time’, – sources were certain.

Last summer, as we know, ‘military practice’ also quietly slipped away when Military air force helicopter from Pociūnai flew from seaside to Nemunas River and delivered a water plane belonging to a private company.

‘At that time they also called: we need it. Replayed: send the papers. Received: relocate. Practice. That is why I say I don’t believe that this person that is being suspected now could have been ‘borrowing’ chemical De-icing means without any pressure from above – just look at how many tons were taken. Estonia’s Amari Military aerodrome runways were being taken care of – they were clean, weren’t they?’ – Sources were pondering.

In opinion of sources the scariest part in this story in not the ‘business’ aspect – but that through Military aerodrome gates a civilian truck can freely go in and then come out loaded with a military cargo. ‘What if the next time a civilian vehicle comes quietly at night will leave not with De-icing means as the last time but with a bomb? That is where the problem is. That is why this case needs to be to be taken care of in General Prosecutor office and with upmost importance because the Military Police which is subordinate to Lithuania’s Military will just ‘won’t see’ this aspect’, – sources think.

By Giedrė Gorienė

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