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People at Garliava protecting a small girl from pedophiles

Day seven in Garliava was dramatic and stressful. In the morning Neringa Venckienė was supposed to officially hand over her niece to her biological mother Laima Stankūnaitė. Unfortunately, Neringa Venckienė because of ill – health was hospitalised and the girl was not given to her biological mother. Marekas Petrovskis, the bailiff, applied to the Kėdainiai District Court ” to the same ‘notorious judge’ Bronius Varsackis, for an explanation on how the bailiff is expected to hand the child over to L.Stankūnaitė if the girl’s custodian N.Venckienė is sick and confined in hospital.

In the afternoon, judge B. Varsackis issued an interpretation that the bailiff is required to take the girl forcibly from the person with whom she is staying, in this case her grandparents, and this must be done urgently. Immediately! How to accomplish this? ” is the bailiff’s headache.

Since at the house of Neringa Venckienė the girl is being defended by many people ” among whom, in particularly, there are small children, pregnant women ” and these sentinels are determined to stand till the end, and if need be, to sacrifice themselves (in the same way that people sacrificed their lives on 13 January), it was obvious that it would be difficult for the bailiff to easily take the girl ” this will only be accomplished by using force against civilians, small children, infants and pregnant women.

On learning about this interpretation of the ruling by Judge B.Varsackis’, people began flooding the home of N.Venckienė to defend the girl. People swore to protect the girl at all cost. However, combat readiness was soon suspended: the family lawyer today called and informed all that the ruling of the Kėdainiai court on the immediate transfer of the girl to L.Stankūnaitė was temporarily suspended by the Panevėžys regional court.

“Hooray! Hurrah!”, people chanted. Tensions in Garliava at Neringa Venckienė’s home subsided somewhat. Nevertheless, people who won the first battle for the girl’s salvation did not disperse but remain on duty at the home of Neringa Venckienė.

“You know, it’s Lithuania ” things can change rapidly, so we must remain vigilant,” the girl’s defenders told to Karštas Komentaras.

According to them, the next six days are very dangerous for the girl. “In six days the trial of the suspected pedophile Andrius Ūsas begins. And the little daughter of Drąsius is considered an undesirable witnesses. Therefore, she should be vigilantly protected, to prevent the pedophile clan from kidnapping and harming her”, this was expressed by the people protecting the little girl.

During this dramatic week Garliava has become the centre of focal point in Lithuania. On Friday, at 12:00 Garliava awaits for one of the famous Lithuanian singers to perform at Neringa Venckienė’s home, and bikers from five countries will arrive here on Saturday.

Defenders of Drąsius Kedy’s daughter ask Lithuanians residing abroad not to relax and help to bring this fight to its conclution: so far only one battle has been won. However, in order to preserve the wellbeing of Drąsius Kedys’ daughter we must win the war. The war against the pedophile clan. Otherwise, we will have no more Lithuania.

Karštas Komentaras sources believe that the tension in the country is instigated by forces dissatisfied with the Lithuanian President’s, Grybauskaitė, changes to the law enforcement system, as well as the President’s foreign policy.

“For the first time, to inflame tension in the country, D. Kedys’ daughter has been used by secretly abducting her and committing her to a mental hospital. But then, the junta’s plot failed. Now we witnessed another attempt to cause tension in the country by returning the girl to L.Stankūnaitė, – knowing that people are not indifferent to the tragedy of this little child and also knowing that tens of thousands people attended the funeral of the girl’s murdered father, it was perfectly easy to predict the consequences of such a step. Riots, unrest, people at the Seimas and premature parliamentary elections resulting in a new ruling coalition and a bridle to the President. It is obvious that such was the goal and it was almost achieved, if not a sudden twist of the situation ” suspension of the ruling of judge’s B.Varsackis”, sources of Karštas Komentaras think.

“Now we are having the creeping coup”, is the opinion of some parliamentarians.

Therefore, we should stay vigilant ” the pedophile clan does not sleep and continues to plot and strategise their dark plans.

Meanwhile … Once the information was received about temporary suspension of execution of the court ruling on the immediate handing over of the girl to L. Stankūnaitė and the imminent danger that the house of N.Venckienė may be over run by the bailiff backed by power forces and coercion, the little girl began frolicking in the yard again. For a while, she is out of reach to the pedophile clan…


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