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The people are protecting a small girl from Lithuanian pedophiles

After the Kėdainiai District Court ordered the return of the girl to Stankūnaitė L., the house of N. Venckienė (the temporary guardian of D.Kedys’ daughter) was surrounded by the public who did not allow the bailiff and the policemen who arrived with him, access to N. Venckienė and the girl.

The People stood defiantly in defence of Drąsius Kedys’ daughter confronting the police ” as a human shield and with prayer, “Our Father”. Together with people, the girl is being defended from the paedophile clan by the priest Jonas Varkala; and Saulius Stoma a member of the Seimas is already on the scene for a few hours.

As night fall, people remain steadfast. They keep a watchful eye on neighbouring streets, too, as attempts were made to get into Neringa Venckienė’s house over the neighbour’s fence.

They built a huge tent, and the atmosphere can be likened to the January 13th events ” all that impression about the desperate struggle going on between the people of Lithuania, and corrupt, paedophiliac law enforcement agencies that subversively seized control of Lithuania.

People bring sandwiches, drinks, coffee for those who voluntarily stand vigil, rotating their schedule to ensure the girl’s protection.

“Anyone who is not indifferent to the fate of this little girl should come here and defend this girl, this girl symbolises our country which is now dominated by paedophiles,” said members of the general public to Karštas Komentaras.

People come to Neringa Venckienė’s house at Klonio g. 7, Garliava, with small children, even babies, while others come with tents. “We will stay here as long as is necessary. These perverts will not win”, told young people with a combative spirit to Karštas Komentaras.

They believe that everyone who is not indifferent should gather at N. Venckienė’s home, despite the approaching nightfall.

“Those who do not know the way, can call +370 637 92213, and will receive directions”, one of the most active defenders Marius Kuprevičius told to Karštas Komentaras.

Currently there are about two hundred cars in Garliava and the number is growing although some media attempts to make claims to the contrary – people would disperse.

“The second Lithuanian Liberation Movement has begun. We invite all those who attended the funeral of Drąsius Kedys, come to Garliava and defend his little daughter defend Lithuania from paedophiles”, the girl’s defenders said to Karštas Komentaras.

They believe that if the girl is returned to L. Stankūnaitė, the girl’s fate will be the same as her father’s – the small daughter will be killed.

At around 22:00 Aleksotas priest arrived to support the public at Neringa Venckienė’s home in Garliava. The priest led the people in prayer beseeching God to protect the little girl and Lithuania; chanted litany accompanied by the congregation. It was a chilling sensation to hear that silence and the words of the litany repeated by people after the priest: “O Lord, have mercy…”

“Do not be afraid”, the priest encouraged the participants and inspired them courage telling a story of Jews in a concentration camp.

“On January 13 we defended Lithuania from Russian tanks, now we will protect it from paedophiles”, the people said.


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