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„Achema“ successfully finished negotiations with „Statoil“

Today nitrogen fertilizers producer „Achema“ finished negotiations with Norwegian company „Statoil“ concerning natural gas supply for year 2016. Gas form the “Statoil” will be purchased by LNG carrier ships through Klaipeda LNG terminal.

“In general negotiations are finished. Both “Statoil” representatives and „Achema“ negotiating group agreed on basic liquefied natural gas supply conditions as well as price for current year” – after negotiations with “Statoil” said AB „Achema“ General Director Ramunas Miliauskas. – “The negotiations continued almost a year and there is an agreement on all supply and pricing principles.”

Company Manager emphasized that AB „Achema“ proceeds with most beneficial path for the Company – feedstock for fertilizers purchase directly from natural gas suppliers that produces gas by themselves and offers best conditions and price.

“Separately, as independent entity, without any assistance and following purely economical interests negotiations for supply of natural gas – feedstock for fertilizers which determines manufacturing cost around 80%, was carried out with “Gazprom” and “Statoil” besides other natural gas suppliers all over the world.” – Position about this year’s gas supply diversification stated AB „Achema“ General Director Ramunas Miliauskas – “Our major concern is to ensure stable gas supply with best conditions. Although, so far fertilizers was produced from “Gazprom” supplied natural gas, but we managed to agree with “Statoil” better conditions and significantly lower price than “Gazprom’s”.

Natural gas price purchased from “Statoil” for consumer of more than half of Lithuanian total natural gas “Achema” will be defined in accordance to UK NBP index.

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