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General Police Commissar Vytautas Grigaravičius takes care only about expensive official appartment - it seems that fighting against narcomafia is not Lithuanian police business at all

3. Wanna to have problems? Call the Police.

Gintaras Uosis

“How can a person live in such conditions? It is impossible to live like that!” ” “Hot comment” got indeed hot from calls received from indignant readers. They were interested in the fate of the woman from Kaunas, portrayed in our article: how does she, ex ” police officer, fights alone this horrible corrupt Lithuanian system of Politics and Law Enforcement, how did she remain alive this long, living in conditions like that, and how come Lithuanian governmental and law enforcement institutions make no efforts to end this “piece of impudence” in Domeikava, region of Kaunas.

Believe us, we are concerned in the same issue as well, however, official position of the Police Department is rock – like ” Mrs. S. Rakauskienė sees ghosts: no narcotics are being made in the neighborhood of Ministry of Internal Matters pensioner, poisonous vapor of acetone emerges from “¦ nowhere.

“Apartments no. 20, no. 12, no. 14 (while no. 11 ” not, remark by “Hot comment”) in the building no. 20 in Neries street, Domeikava, Kaunas region were inspected in the course of pretrial investigation. Specialists from Public Health Center participated in the inspection and performed measurements of chemical substances in your and Kaladauskai’s apartments. It was found that results complies with the Lithuanian Hygiene Norms”- this is an excerpt from the last (May 15) writ to S. Rakauskienė by the Chief of Criminal Investigation Board at the Police Department Gintaras Pogožėlskas.

But still, where does the hazardous vapor of acetone in S. Rakauskienės apartment originate from, the vapor that emits in the process of narcotics manufacture, and how come our journalist had sore eyes for five days, sore throat membrane and nose even for couple days longer, having spent only 5 hours in that apartment ” this was left unanswered by the Chief of Criminal Investigation Board at the Police Department Gintaras Pogožėlskas.

Even better ” in the course of investigation, initiated by a complaint from S. Rakauskienė, where she expressed her suspicions that in her vicinity narcotics were manufactured, the police searched for the narcotics “¦ in S. Rakauskienės apartment.

About the Police’s search of the narcotics at S. Rakauskienės place

During a visit to S. Rakauskienės apartment, black smut were visible, specialists told to “Hot comment” that this is a side product in the manufacture of amphetamine and might get to neighbor’s apartment via ventilation system.

Therefore S. Rakauskienė, as an ex ” police officer, well aware of police work specifics, approached Kaunas Region Police Headquarters with a request to examine if there are any traces of raw materials, used for manufacture of narcotics.

The author of these lines is not a graduate of Minsk Higher Militia School, but has some general knowledge that a narcotic substance amphetamine is produced from certain chemical substances, i.e. from certain particular components. Thus in order to find out if narcotics are produced in S. Rakauskienės neighborhood, when examining a smut sample it is necessary to search for individual component parts of amphetamine, raw materials, i.e. these substance amphetamine is produced from, or substances that are emitted in the process of amphetamine production. It is this way since S. Rakauskienė does not manufacture amphetamine and does not sprinkle its powder around the place ” on edgings of the floor or on the ceiling.

Having said that, take a look what steps were taken by a Kaunas Region Police Headquarters, namely by a senior investigator G. Snieganienė. She assigned a chemical examination and requested Criminalistic Investigation Center at the Police Department to examine if on objects: 1) a piece of edging of the floor from a room; 2) a piece of whiting from the kitchen ceiling; 3) a sample from the wall above the stove; 4) a sample from the bathroom wall, all taken from S. Rakauskienės apartment, there are “any traces of narcotical or psychotropical substances? If yes, then what.”

Everything is written and we do can read – Kaunas Region Police Headquarters wants to know if there are any narcotical or psychotropical substances in S. Rakauskienės apartment. If there is any, what is it: cocaine, amphetamine, ephedrine, “ecstasy”, opium, morphine, heroin, methadone, ketamine, cannabis, LSD, and etc.?

Hence, instead of looking for raw materials of narcotics and psychotropic substances in the samples, taken from S. Rakauskienės apartment, the police was looking for already made narcotics and psychotropic substances.

What is it, unprofessionalism, ignorance, or willful investigation taking a wrong direction, having a perfect knowledge of fouling the trail.

We suppose this question will be answered in the further journalistic investigation. However even today it is clear, that Kaunas Region Police Headquarters assigned such a genial expert inspection after some “tuning ” up” with the senior police officers in the Police department, as in the same writ to S. Rakauskienė by the Chief of Criminal Investigation Board at the Police Department Gintaras Pogožėlskas it is written: “There were samples taken from your apartment and their chemical inspection assigned in order to find precipitates of psychotropic substances. No narcotics nor psychotropic substances were found though” (emboldened by the “Hot Comment”).

So even the Chief of Criminal Investigation Board at the Police Department Gintaras Pogožėlskas thinks it is natural, that in S. Rakauskienės apartment his subordinates searched not for raw materials of psychotropical or narcotical substances, but for “¦ the substances!

It is funny, isn’t it? It would be funny if were not sad.

Therefore it is very interesting what will Europol or Interpol officers will tell, after these “gold nuggets” will be translated, and sent to them in order to provide material to assess a work of European Union Member State ” Lithuania Police in investigation of narcotics cases.

Closure of a case ” sale of the apartment

While police creates documents, based on the same cliché and assigns incomprehensible expert investigations, in order to prove, that a smell of acetone vapor in S. Rakauskienės apartment is her hallucination, and no one produces any narcotics in her neighborhood, some Kaunas policemen acts as real estate agents – S. Rakauskienė received an offer through a middleman to sell her apartment.

“One of the police investigators has at least two buyers for your apartment,” a middleman answered to S. Rakauskienė, after she complained that it is impossible to live in such conditions.

“It is not a secret, that the main aim of the three years long plan by the police and my neighbors ” to make me leave: “the workshop” would move up one floor, and manufacturing would continue,” such an opinion was provided by S. Rakauskienė.

She can not understand why police officers can not come suddenly at night, when acetone vaporing is in the peak, and to find out what is happening there in Domeikava?

“These my questions are answered by the police officers like this: “It is not soviet times anymore ” it was this simple then”, told S. Rakauskienė. She was surprised ” “they did not even procured my neighbor’s phone call report statements, they are not interested in what is going here in my neighborhood, where this acetone vapor is coming from. While they wire tap the members of parliament ” it is interesting”¦”

This case of “hallucinations” is full of “miracles” like that. Like the fact that Kaunas Public Health Center warned S. Rakauskienė neighbors about their visit to take air samples 3 days in advance.

“To warn a suspect 3 days in advance about the coming to take air samples! Purportedly this is mandated by some “normative act”. I haven’t heard anything like this in the police,” ex ” police officer could not stop wondering at these methods of criminal cases investigation.

What the hell is it then?

“Hot Comment” already wrote about consequences, suffered by our journalist after spending five hours in S. Rakauskienės apartment in Domeikava at the day time.

Now we want to share our impressions about smells and sounds in S. Rakauskienės apartment at the night time.

Upon arrival to Domeikava, block of apartments no. 20 and entering into the staircase, where S. Rakauskienė lives, it is possible to smell the stench already in the second floor. While in the fifth floor in the apartment no. 14 enormously acid, disgusting stench of burned and chemical compound gas was lingering in the air.

When sitting silently it could be heard a sound of centrifuge in the apartment no. 11, in the bathroom. It was clearly heard a sound of grinder ” like machine, being turned on and making clank sounds, rising in the area of hot water tube.

At about 10:30 PM these sounds were followed by some other ” waterfall – like noise, then sounds reminding letting the air out of some tank. In some seconds the bathroom, entire apartment and even the balcony were filled with ugly chemical stink. This unknown chemical concentration caused head aches, made throat sore, aroused irritation of mouth membrane, itch for coughing, and feeling of eyes irritation. The mouth filled with saliva, it was qualm acidy.

“My apartment is just like the Hell”, said S. Rakauskienė for “Hot comment”.

Nevertheless for the Police, commanded by the General Police Commissar Vytautas Grigaravičius, it is only “an ex ” cop hallucinations”, as following 3 days notice to the neighbors about coming to take air samples, the Public Health Center stated that “there are no violations of hygiene norms.”

Maybe a good idea for the Public Health Center is to take air samples at night ” when S. Rakauskienės apartment gets filled by disgusting chemical stink in a couple of seconds after mysterious fizz in neighboring apartment?

By the way, what does Vytautas Grigaravičius, the great squad officer, do at night when not hunting? Why doesn’t he go by the block of apartments no. 20 in Neries street, in Domeikava? What about those fights against Kaunas criminal world V. Grigaravičius was talking that much all over Lithuania?

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