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For the third time, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will award the EESC prize for organised civil society. The prize aims at rewarding and encouraging concrete achievements and initiatives that significantly contribute to promoting European identity and integration.

Such achievements and initiatives have to be creative and innovative and make a long-lasting and positive impact on the European public’s perception of Europe and the integration process.

The overall objective of the prize is to raise awareness of the important contribution which civil society organisations can make to the creation of a European identity and citizenship, capable of underpinning the common values which shore up European integration.

The prize is open to civil society organisations from within the European Union. It has a value of EUR 20 000.

You can find the operational details about the prize, including application and selection procedures, by following the link

http://eesc.europa.eu/sco/prize_civ_soc/info_en.asp (English version)

http://eesc.europa.eu/sco/prize_civ_soc/info_fr.asp (French version)

The deadline for submitting nominations is 15 May 2009.

For any further information, please contact

Patrick Fève (Tel.: +32 2 546 96 16, e mail: Patrick.Feve@eesc.europa.eu) or

Sophie Cavallin (Tel.: +32 2 546 83 25, e mail: Sophie.Cavallin@eesc.europa.eu)

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