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Aaiaiaiaiii aiaiaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii aaaaaaaaaiiiii! ” it ‘s only a dream…

You dreamt with eyes open, dancing on new grass above the ruins of epochs, aaaaaaai!

You gather up the broken fragments of the moon, glue them together and give unto him all women ” you sanctify for eternity so there would be ebbs and tides, so they would become seas who take the dead to themselves, and throw up the living to the other natural forces.

Aa aa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaiii! Aa aa aaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaiii!

Wild cats catch the living, lying in wait in the land of women,

Owls carry them off ” if only they knew, they wouldn ‘t sail to that shore…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiii, La Loba, Mother Wolf…

In the fisherman ‘s empty net you become a golden fish, thrashing with shining underside,

so the man can remain a man and feed his family, you freeze after becoming a she-elk before the spear, so they can dance against the fire, wiping the animal fat from their chins, so that, satiate, they can satisfy the women, who come back to life incredibly from the silt of the blue creek in its dried bed when they hunt the beast…


Aaaaaaaaaaiii, Lalobaaaaaaaa, – longing like moonlight…

How beautiful your feet with blue filth between your toes.

This is the dry dust of your way ” from the first silt to the ashes of future civilizations. Ohh, how beautiful…

Look, men, her feet ” what does this blue period remind you of?

Maps, perhaps, or oceans, where she washes your seed in her apron?

Wasn ‘t it on this shore that she shed her skin and slid on through the swamps of the Amazon, shining like moonlight? Ohh, how beautiful…

Didn ‘t the yellow-eyed golden-eyed wolves, brought back to life from collected bones, watch her through the fern fronds?

Didn ‘t you see her going with the scalps of cannibals on her belt,

isn ‘t it her black hair that brushes the faces of old men just before death? …

Aaai aaaaai! Longing like moonlight… His shadows shift.

La Loba…

Simple, as simple as my sister in all ages on all worlds.


Misunderstood like the songs of the Evenks and Tuvans ” whence such inspiration?

La loba…

A thousand deer carry, a thousand hawks, a thousand seals and a thousand

leopards “

La loba, –

they carry you sleeping, small like a ball of meat, feeding the world,

like a wad of branches, like the eye of clouds,

and you watch the river of time through the pupils of a million women, the river through which you are carried by a


and wash your hips there before wading out onto the shore of life…

Laloooooooba, aaaaaai Laloooooobaa!

Lllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllloooobaaa! Aai aaai aaaaai,

aaaaaaai, Lalooooba, — the longing of ages like a rough lasso dragging behind you… Longing like moonlight ” on face, breast and belly ” the shadows of clouds…

River under the river, highways under sweltering jungle paths, airports under herds of gnu…

All is merely a dream.

Laaaaaaloba ” Great Antelope, Hawk,

Flower in the flat fields, Bunch grass, Marsh Marigold, Windflower that grows and becomes a woman “

little girl in the arms of your father, to whom you yourself gave birth, “

aaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiii aaaaaaaiii aaaaaii,

aaaaai, Laloooooba! Longing steals by like a wild cat in the moonlight with soft paws. Longing like the shadows of moonlight… Eternal longing ” inscribed with sharp nails on the other side of words, Laloba…

I ‘m from there… I ‘m from there…

I ‘m from there…

La loba, Laaaaaloba, Lllllllllaaaaaallllllooooobaaa, –

aaaaai, La loba!

- Reklama -


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