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Julius Jasaitis is happy: there is a full stop in Domeikava

J. Jasaitis rehabilitated himself in the eyes of V.Grigaravicius ” the full stop in Domeikava’s story

The general inspector of the ministry of internal affairs, Julius Jasaitis, who just recently was counting expensive beds and garbage bins in police general commissar’s Vytautas Grigaravicius’ official apartment in K. Boruta’s street in Vilnius; and thereby attracted the anger of the chief of police, last week redeemed his guilt ” by claiming that S.Rakauskiene’s complaints about the possible narcotics production laboratory in Domeikava, Kaunas region, were ungrounded. This way J.Jasaitis rehabilitated himself in V. Grigaravicius’ eyes.

An Unexpected visit

In the morning of August 10th, the general inspector of Ministry of Internal Affairs, J. Jasaitis, called S. Rakauskiene’s cell phone. He called from cell phone number +37069801239.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Rakauskiene, this is Jasaitis. As I have told you, I would like to come over. Will you be at home?”, asked the general inspector.

“Of course, I’ll be there, I’ll be waiting for you,” said the woman, who has been complaining for four years to different legal institutions about the sharp acetone stench in her apartment, because she thinks that the stench comes from narcotics production.

“I’ll be there in an hour,” said J.Jasaitis.

“I’ll be waiting,” said S. Rakauskiene.

Around lunch time, the doorbell rang. S. Rakauskiene opened her apartment door, and saw J.Jasaitis and a woman standing there. They came into the apartment, and took of their shoes. While untying his shoes, J. Jasaitis coughed and said, “You know, the throat really itches”, told S. Rakauskiene.

After looking around the apartment, he asked to be shown whatever filmed material she had. “I invited him into the living room and said that I’d switch on the camera. Jasaitis said again that a strange smell is burning the throat. I responded to that saying that these are the remains of last night’s production. If he visited me at around 1am, he wouldn’t know where to hide from the stench,” said S. Rakauskiene. “At nights, there is such a strong concentration of chemical substances here that every morning I vomit.”

“After watching a few tapes and listening to the centrifuges working in the neighbor’s apartment, Jasaitis said that he was going for a two week holiday now, and would get into this matter after he came back,” S. Rakauskiene told about J. Jasaitis’ visit in Domeikava. And as he was leaving, he said “I wouldn’t be able to live in such conditions.”

At around 6pm, S. Rakauskiene’s cell phone rang again. It was J. Jasaitis. “It’s the same man who visited you,” ” he said quietly.

“I recognized you,” answered S. Rakauskiene.

“Then he said that the plans had changed. He said, I thought, why wait, let’s deal with this matter right away, tomorrow,” told the woman. “I suggested not to wait till tomorrow, and to do everything today, because the stench was sharp, as J. Jasaitis smelled himself, and the centrifuges were working. But he said that today he would not have time to arrange everything.”

Then S. Rakauskiene wrote three SMS messages, saying that things weren’t done that way, you can embarrass yourself.

At 18:06:41, from J. Jasaitis’ cell phone +37069801239, S. Rakauskiene received a message saying: “If something will be going on at night, film it.”

At 18:12:07, from J. Jasaitis’ cell phone +37069801239, S. Rakauskiene received a message saying: “I cannot do anything today, it may leak. Record.”

And S. Rakauskiene started recording. At around 8pm, the centrifuges, which had been working non stop, went quiet. The night was quiet as never before ” no centrifuge noise. Only right before midnight, the neighbor came back with a slim, tall, and grey-haired man she had not seen before. “I was listening to them on the staircase ” they were talking something about a fight,” told the woman. About 40 minutes later, they walked out of the apartment carrying a black small box. “I was recording everything, as Jasaitis had asked me to,” explained the woman. Towards the morning, the acetone stench was weakening.

“You don’t have to come,” wrote S. Rakauskiene to the general inspector, understanding what the matter was. It was the kind of silence which used to occur right before Kaunas’ officers used to come to investigate the woman’s complaint.

A dog put a full stop in Domeikava’s story

On the morning of August 11th, S. Rakauskiene heard people’s voices. “I opened the door and I saw J. Jasaitis. Pretending to be very surprised he tells me: “There are no engines in the neighboring apartment, there are renovations going on there. Would you like to see?’

“Of course I would, I said, and went there,” told S. Rakauskiene about her impressions.

“What I saw reminded me of a room after a good search ” everything was thrown around, no order. You know ” renovations, no order. But I have seen pictures of such disorder before in my file ” these renovations have been going on since 2004,” the woman told.

But S. Rakauskiene’s was mostly surprised when she saw that J. Jasaitis came with the same Kaunas officers who for four years already have been making an impression that S. Rakauskiene is simply imagining the acetone smell.

“They put a half a liter sized jar on the windowsill, as though this is how they took air samples. When everything had been aired out! Who works like this? Why such pretence?” ” the ex-police officer was angered by the methods of police work.

“Also, the air sample is not taken like this ” they had to take it with an aspirator. And Jasaitis had to do that yesterday, when he himself smelled the sharp smell of acetone, ammonium and whatever other chemicals. The air sample has to be taken everywhere simultaneously ” in my apartment and at the neighbors. And samples from the walls had to be taken, just imagine how much these chemicals must have saturated the walls during the three years,” S. Rakauskiene explained her opinion. “But yesterday, when the smell was there and the centrifuges were working, Jasaitis didn’t want to do anything. And now, when everything has been aired out, and people had gotten ready for the visit of the police officers, he comes to me and says with surprise “you know, there is nothing in the neighbor apartment.” And on Friday it seemed that Jasaitis sincerely wanted to help me.”

Operation Y or J. Jasaitis’ other adventures

“When on Saturday I saw him with the locals, I realized that it is all just a big show, and that the police put a full stop in this case, – look, J. Jasaitis himself came to see it, and he concluded that there are no narcotics being produced in Domeikava,” thinks S. Rakauskiene.

True, on Saturday, in the presence of other officers J.Jasaitis repeated that “the stench was felt and it was strong.” “But nobody paid attention to his comment.”

On Saturday, J. Jasaitis and the Kaunas officers also brought a dog, to check whether S. Rakauskiene’s or neighbor’s apartment, the eternal renovations go on, had drugs. As you might have guessed, nobody found any drugs anywhere.

“When the officers left, there was a lot of running around and celebrating. In two hours, the centrifuges were turning again, and my apartment was filled with acetone smell again. So it all came back to the starting point,” told S. Rakauskiene. “And I had believed that J. Jasaitis genuinely wanted to help me.


On Saturday evening, at the staircase of the apartment building where the activities described above took place, the Domeikava youth met. They like to discuss questions important to them.

“Well, Grigaravicius helped after all,” one of the young men said during a conversation.

As the general inspector J. Jasaitis determined himself, nobody produces any drugs in S. Rakauskiene’s neighborhood, and as Domeikava’s police department chief told Hot Commentary that the acetone smell in her apartment comes from a fungus; Hot Commentary thinks that the Domeikava youth by saying “Grigaravicius helped after all” could not have meant that the general police commissar could have leaked information about the future operation, but, instead had some other Vytautad Grigaravicius, who, as we are guessing, was helping with the renovations in the apartment described above.

J. Jasaitis: “S. Rakauskiene fills her apartment with gas herself”

During the preparation of this article, the Hot Commentary journalist called J. Jasaitis on his cell phone, and asked to comment on the events described.

“Yes, on Friday I did visit Mrs. Rakauskiene, and there was stench in her apartment. But then on Saturday, I almost could not feel the smell any more. We checked the neighbor apartment and the dog didn’t find any drugs,” said J. Jasaitis.

When asked whether he knows the specifics of narcotics production, and the fact that the dogs are trained to recognize one specific smell, the general inspector responded that he is not a specialist, and that it was enough for him that there were no drugs found in S. Rakauskiene’s apartment.

“Then why was there stench on Friday and not on Saturday?” the Hot Commentary journalist asked J. Jasaitis.

“Most probably she fills the apartment with gas herself,” explained the general inspector of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, letting us understand that the case is closed.

J. Jasaitis did not want to comment on the story any more.

So, we may conclude that officer S. Rakauskiene does not want to live any more, but instead of shooting herself or hanging herself, i.e. choosing a quick death, she consciously chose a slow and painful death: she has been filling her apartment with acetone gas and has been living in the apartment and breathing that poisonous gas. And then, while living in these chemically dangerous smells, she has gotten skin cancer and is now waiting for death” ! And while waiting for her slow death, she has made many complaints against her honest and tidy (after all, the centrifuges turn day and night) neighbors ” as though those “bastards” have been producing drugs, and as a result of that production, acetone gas rises into her apartment” !

What can we say – she’s a really stupid old woman! It is difficult to believe that those Kaunas officers together with their elite German Sheppard have not taken her to Ziegzdriai (a hospital for psychic patients) till now?

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