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The member of Greece Communist party Costas Alissandrakis

Vilnius, July 2, 2009

We strongly condemn the resolution “Divided Europe Reunited” approved by the General Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE which, on the pretext of combating totalitarianism, equates communism with nazism.

Not only is it a blunt effort to re-write history, to deny the paramount contribution of the Soviet Union in the defeat of nazism. It also attempts to provide political legitimization to wide range persecutions against communist ideology, individual communists and communist parties, which might be accused of being “structures and patterns of behavior that embellish the past, attempt to return to it or try to extend them into the future” and, consequently, would have to be dismantled according to paragraph 14 of the resolution. We also note that this resolution is in contradiction with the principles outlined in the resolution on freedom of opinion and expression, adopted by the General Committee on Political Affairs and Security of our Assembly.

We furthermore strongly condemn the witch-hunting against communists and communist parties: the prohibition of communist symbols, communist parties, communist ideology, the persecution of communists, which is practiced in a number of OSCE countries, including the host country of this year’s OSCE Parliamentary assembly. These constitute severe violation of democratic rights, in particular the right of political expression and political activity. These actions often go together with the praise of nazi collaborators and may go as far as the creation of monuments for the SS.

Finally, we declare our solidarity to our persecuted comrades and declare that such actions neither frighten us, nor will they curb our activity.

Costas ALISSANDRAKIS Communist Party of Greece
Michel BILLOUT French Communist Party
Vaclav EXNER Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Alessandro ROSSI Communist Party of San Marino

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