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The President of Republic of Kazakhstan

The Address of the President of Republic of Kazakhstan
Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan

February 6, 2008

The annual Address of President Nursultan Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan “The growth of welfare of the citizens of Kazakhstan – is the main goal of the state’s policy” is a logical continuation of the Addresses of 2006 and 2007, which were devoted to Kazakhstan’s Strategy of joining the ranks of the world’s 50 most competitive nations and modernization of society, as well as innovative development of economy followed by “30 corporate leaders” program.

The President specifically outlined the necessity of consistent modernization and provision of Kazakhstan’s stable economic growth.

Thus on this very basis the principle goal of preserving the pace of social development and growth of citizens’ prosperity is to be achieved.

In the section “Consistent modernization and maintenance of stable economic growth” President Nazarbayev pointed out to the key priorities of economic policy. Namely the Government of Kazakhstan is set to stimulate domestic investment resources with growing role of state holdings, development institutions and social-business corporations. Priority measures should comprise of:

– consistent strengthening of State authority in strategically important branches of economy to consolidate Kazakhstan’s positions as an influential and responsible player in global energy markets, as well as enter international market with value added goods;

– forward infrastructural supply of economy’s main sectors, such as electricity development and transportation system. With this in mind the Head of State instructed to start realization of the largest transportation project in Kazakhstan “Transcontinental corridor Western Europe ” Western China”;

– practical development of non-extractive sector through the implementation of the “30 corporate leaders” program.

The priorities of macroeconomic policy are focused on forming an efficient response mechanism to financial instability threats and on enhancing the international markets’ confidence in Kazakhstan’s economy. Structural reforms in financial system are to be continued to raise its competitiveness and stability, further improve system risks’ management both in private and state sectors, as well as elaborate a quick response measures in case of force-major situations.

Kazakhstan President noted that inflow of foreign capital into the banking system is regarded as vote of confidence to Kazakhstan, source of financial support and best international practices of banking services.

One of the agenda items is to bring the tax system in line with the goals of the new stage of Kazakhstan development, thereby promoting modernization and diversification of Kazakhstan’s economy, elimination of “shadow business”. New Tax Code must become the law of direct action and foresee the reduction of tax burden for non-extractive industries, especially for small and medium sized enterprises, at the expense of greater economic return from extractive sector.

The Address necessitates further improvement of Kazakhstan’s model of political and state structure, which combines generally accepted mechanisms of democracy development and traditions of Kazakhstan society, on the basis of long term stability, peace and harmony.

An increase in effectiveness of public administration, improvement of administrative reform, systemic measures against criminality and corruption are set to be accomplished within the framework of political modernization.

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan noted the importance of comprehensive assistance to entrepreneurship, freeing them from a burden of administrative pressure and illegal interference.

According to “Increasing Kazakhstan population’s prosperity” section provision of social welfare will remain amongst the most important targets. Healthcare and education are named nationwide tasks and they will be developed attracting private capital as a part of corporate social responsibility.

The forth section of the Address is devoted to the consolidation of international authority, regional stability and international security. The basic priorities of Kazakhstan foreign policy remain invariable.

Kazakhstan will continue to develop economic and political cooperation with Russia, China and the countries of Central Asia, thus creating a firm basis for stability, open dialogue and interaction in the region. With the purpose to strengthen security in Central Asia, constructive cooperation with the United States, the European Union and NATO will be widened.

Due to the chairmanship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the OSCE in 2010, a special program “Path to Europe” has been initiated by President Nazarbayev. It is to promote the development of economic cooperation, attract edge cut technologies and modern management practices, urge legislation improvement.

Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
to the Baltic states and Finland

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