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Read this and you will understand, what is Lithuanian system of “justice”

During latter year Sereika was assigned to investigate two resonant cases i.e. murders of Arturas Petreikis and Valdas Arbataitis.

These two cases are major in one aspect: they both include particular interests. G.Sereika was rapt in finding of Arbataitis killers and very hastily, making many glaring mistakes tried to commit the case to the court. Having observed serious gaps, lawyers of defendants tried to find out who received the bonus of 40 000LTL? Rich partners of Arbataitis proposed such bonus for detection of his murders. This question has been left without answer.

Inhabitant of Panevezys J.Jecius , being under arrest for one and a half year because of suspicion of organizing murder of A.Petreikis , during this period he has been pushed out from oil business.

Released suspect has been kidnapped

Sereika was involved into complicated situation as he investigated the case of murder of Romas Kavaliauskas, alias Kavioras, killed in 02 May 1995.

Half a year later from this incident, prosecutors’ office announced the search of suspect murder Pavelas Draciovas. Suspect himself came to General prosecutor office and immediately he has been accused of murdering R. Kavaliauskas and E.Dvilevicius coming with him. Sereika investigated the case. Few months later the case was stooped because of shortage of evidence and Darcianovas was considered to be released. From Siauliai interrogation facility he was put to Ukmerge guardhouse. Released for there Darcianovas till his home was driven by Sereika in his own car. Few hundred steps left till the homestead the fellow-traveller was set down from the car.

Darcianovas has hot been fated to see his parents that day. Near another car has waited for him as well as the men introduced themselves as officials from National security department. With the sack on his face Darcianovas has been driven by different cars while finally he found himself in some kind of basement. He noticed that in the basement he was interrogated by Kavioras’ friend named “Loony” (further shot down in “Svainija”) . He tried to force him to say who killed Kavaliauskas . It seems strange that kidnappers very well knew particularities of the case. Few days later Darcianovas was released.

Soon he met the journalist of “Respublika” and told him that during his interrogation he recognized the voice not only of Loomy but of prosecutor Sereika as well.

General prosecutors’ office carried out official inspection concerning possible divulge of information, criminal case was proceeded in Ukmerge police because of illegal appropriation of the name of official. Being questioned Sereika told that about kidnapping he “knows nothing”. Being asked by “Respublika” also refused to comment.

Actually neither kidnappers nor these who deluged the information that Darcianovas is released from guardhouse have been found.

Shadow of mistrust

Last autumn following the scandal about illegal money received by five Panevezys doctors suspicion covered Sereika as well. General prosecutor office rebuked policemen, organizing the operation of detection the doctors, for not notifying department of investigation of organized crime and corruption. Then one of the officials said that information have not been sent advisedly because of mistrust of prosecutor Sereika.

After such notification policemen were forced to present in written arguments concerning their mistrust. The document, indicating the cases, having been investigated by Sereika and crucial process transgressions having been done by him, was sent to general prosecutors’ office.

According to editorial office, National security department inspected the activity of Sereika , operative material concerning him have been collected. On the same evening when Sereika was shot down, one of his friends told to journalists that Sereika used to complain about increased attention towards him from the police and national security department.

Failed cases

In these later years professional activity of Sereika used to fail. Few of his so called resonant cases, failed in a court.

Maybe the first of such cases was well known case of Arturas Petreikis, inhabitant of Telsiai. The case of Juozas Jecius, who was accused of organizing of murder and who was required by prosecutor to be imprisoned for 10 years, ended in justifying the defendant. Later Jecius addressed to the court of human rights in Strasbour (Jecius won this case against Lithuania ” G.G).

Later Sereika sustained accusation in other Panevezys shocking case, i.e. murder of Valdas Arbataitis. District court justified three suspects i.e. E.Gritenas, V.Goris and A.Augenas. Court decreed separate ruling in the case through which general prosecutor was notified about hard process transgressions, concerning investigation of this case.

However senior prosecutor submitted cassation complaint to Supreme Court and achieved that Arbataitis case would be investigated in Appeal court.

Tendentious investigation

Yesterday “Respublika” journalist met J.Jecius, chief executive of “Panevezys” hotel, whose accusation was sustained by Sereika. Being asked to remember this case Jecius said that he had noticed tendentious of Sereika .

“37 words helping to justify me had been missed in encoded cassette”,- remembered Jecius, having noticed that “I informed Sereika, but he said it would be enough for him that is on the cassette”. Only a year later, as this problem had been arisen in court second expertise had been announced and missed words had been restored. “

Are any attempts to discredit the prosecutor?

Refereeing to the available data when shoot-out occurred in august of 1997 in Panevezys Senamiescio street , during which S.Reutas, D.Cepas and R. Milasevicius have been injured, suspected D.Lupeikis, J.Pauliukonis and R. Zukauskas have been disclosed. Initially the case has been investigated by senior police commissariat, but later senior prosecutor Sereika retook it and suspected have been released. According to operative data the price of their freedom was equal to 5,000 US Dollars.

“Respublika”, 1999

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