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Vidmante Jasukaityte

For many you were the seal

“Never” over the heart,

For one you can be “Forever”,

For others:”We will meet after a thousand years,

When we will be remembered

Only by the peaks of mountains

Which we saw together,

Only by the sky,

Only by the pyramids

Which we climbed

And from which we never returned…”

Rest, young man,

from the lives which have gone before,

O thou, woman,

had better write lines of poetry,

For the wind will write in the hearts of others

And no one will read you,

chasing the wind instead,

the hot wind flying up from the Nile

Bare-breasted, And will seek your names,

Changeable like the clouds.

From the collection “Neiškastam sidabrui pasakyk sudie”[Say Farewell to Unmined Silver], 1999. Vilnius, “Margi raštai” [Mixed Writings]

- Reklama -


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