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Read this and you will understand, what is Lithuanian system of “justice”

Very honest prosecutor

After murdering of G.Sereika all his relatives and friends solidly stated that he was a perfect employee and head of the family, i.e. chanted in church choir, interested in classic music, was assiduous to his three children, submit to court a lot of complicated criminal cases, not a single serious criminal was arrested due to efforts of G.Sereika. So the version that the official has been killed because of his professional activity seems the most natural. If such argument proved out, G.Sereika would be recognized as hero and the reputation of prosecutors’ department would be left intact. But many of criminal cases, having been investigated by G.Sereika force everybody in doubt and some circumstances even seem shocking.

Prosecutor and “Loony” inquired together?

In 1995 in Panevezys Romas Kavaliauskas , alias Kavioras, being in his car was shoot from automatic gun. Search of suspected killer Pavel Darcianovas was announced. Half- year later he reported about himself to General prosecutors’ department, he has been arrested and accusations have been articled. The case was assign to G.Sereika for investigation.

However few months later, because of shortage of evidence, proving his fault, Darcianovas was considered to be released. It has been done in a very strange way: from Ukmerge guardhouse to his home Darcianovas was driven by G.Sereika in his own car. But as Darcianovas step off the car he was met by men who introduced themselves as officials from National security department. With a sack on his face Darcianovas has been driven by different cars while finally he found himself in some kind of basement. There he has been inquired because of Kavaliauskas death.

Darcianovas recognized the voices of Vitalijus Tuzovas, the nearest partner of Kavaliauskas , and prosecutor Sereika. The investigation has been carried out concerning this secret kidnapping, however without results.

The murder of Telsiai inhabitant essentially left “dark”

The most scandalous criminal cases, investigated by Sereika, concerned murder of Arturas Petreikis, inhabitant of Telsiai, suspected in car stealing and murder of Panevezys businessman Valdas Arbataitis.

It was supposed that A.Petreikis has stolen Mercedes from famous Panevezys inhabitant Juozas Jecius. The police found the car and the thief. Later officials passed A.Petreikis to J.Jecius and to “Tulpiniai boys” for “tete a tete “ conversation in the forest. After this conversation Pereikis has been returned back to guardhouse heavily beaten and soon he dead. Officials who passed A.Petreikis to J.Jecius lost their positions and have been sentenced and Jecius have been arrested. However prosecutor Sereika was not capable of proving Jecius’s fault and the businessmen have been justified. “Tulpiniai”, direct principles of murder, also left undiscovered.

Bonus for detection of killers disappeared somewhere

Valdas Arbataitis, thirty years old businessman, in Panevezys near his garage, was terribly beaten and dead in the hospital. Criminals have stolen his car “Subaru Legacy” of value of 100 000LTL. Straight away they have no been arrested. After Sereika took the case for investigation, three persons E.Gritenas, V.Goris and A.Augenas have been arrested. The car and stolen personal things have no been found so the accusation was based on indirect evidence. College of criminal cases of Panevezys district court has investigated the case and all suspected persons justified, because the case included many process transgressions, preliminary investigation prepared hastily. During court session lawyers of defendants interested who received 40 000 LTL bonus, which was proposed by friends of murdered Arbataitis because of disclosure of his killers. There was an opinion that Sereika received the money, but no one explored whether it is true or not.

“Doctors’ “ case highlighted mistrust of G.Sereika

Some lawyers critically assessed official activity of G.Sereika not only due to the cases mentioned above and did not mentioned, but rather due to suspicious actions in respect of criminals. Shoot-out in Senamiestis street has been investigated in Senior police commissariat, suspected R. Zukauskas, J. Pauliukonis, D.Lupeikis, leaders of criminal gangs, have been arrested. On request of Sereika the case was assigned him for investigation. Soon all three suspects have been released. Therefore when policemen with the help of officials from security department, have organized well known operation of arresting doctors bribe takers, some prosecutors have been notified apart Sereika. Prosecutors’ department deemphasized this operation, policemen have been announced as provocateurs and doctors successfully disguised. Counsel, involving high officials from General prosecutors’ and police departments and Sereika as well, was summoned due this case. During this counsel S.Piskonovas, the then commissioner of investigations of economic offence directly claimed that prosecutor Sereika can not be trusted.

Dollars in official safe

After death of the prosecutor by going through his office 8, 000 US Dollars have been found in official safe. Officials tend to think that these are prosecutor’s personal savings, for which safe enough place has been chosen. Maybe it is true”¦Ones who knew Sereika remember that just after his arrival the prosecutor used to wear simple black coat and black knitted stockings. Few years later Sereika already had two cars, wore stylish clothing and used do not count money for wasting. Besides, he and famous Panevezys lawyer Valentinas Baltrunas became close friends.

Being juvenile Baltrunas has stolen motorcycle and has been brought up to court. The court decided to reeducate him for being suitable for “working collective”. Soon Baltrunas has been taken to army, after his serving he lived in Tumen for some time in order to earn money. Having arrived in Panevezys, Baltrunas was capable of disguising his previous conviction and was employed as interrogator in district’s prosecutors’ department, where he got acquainted with Sereika, having the same job. Baltrunas started studying law in Vilnius University in extramural manner. After some time his previous conviction nevertheless was discovered and he was forced to left prosecutors’ department. However having successfully graduated from University, Baltrunas became a lawyer. It is supposed that he in the process of privatization many times represented interests of “Tupliniai” and businessmen being friendly with them as well as he used to defend persons involved in the world of organized crime. The friendship with G.Sereika, who became senior prosecutor of investigations’ department of organized crime and corruption, did not end.

Are there not too many coincidences?

One of commonly known rules of organized crime is that officials, honestly carrying out their duties are not killed. Official refused to take bribe may be threatened; his car may be blasted, but no any homicides. Meanwhile the official who took bribe must fulfill his pledges and escape from mesh of criminals is very difficult. All circumstances may be approached as random coincidences, but in general one may form a clear view that elementary chain “criminals-lawyer-prosecutor” existed in fact.

Weekly “Akistata” No.88

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