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Almost for 7 years Y.Kyaunene was illegally placed into the guard houses and "the crazy houses", and today it was told her: "Forget! Imagine this never had happened! Look, you were not shot " you were just placed into the "crazy house"!" " Here to you and democracy"¦

The Attorney General’s Office “washes” the dirty uniform of the Kaunas judges

By Giedre Goriene

For sure everybody in Lithuania remember wonderfully the widely sounded history when the judge from Panyavezhis, Mrs. O.Laurishene, during conducting of divorce process in the protocol indicated that in the process both husbands participated. Meanwhile second-half did not can to participate in the judicial session as he was located in the prison . After the explanation of circumstances, judge was taken from the post, in its sense it was excited a criminal case, and a court recognized the jugde guilty of the nonconformity to official duties and appointed penalty in the size of 6,5 thousand LT (about 2 000 euro).

True, a total of several days ago court of appeals justified O.Laurishene, having once more confirmed an old as peace proverb about the fact that “crows the crow will not peck out the eyes”.

Now in Lithuania we observe the similar case – on May 9, 2006, the board of the judges of Kaunas circuit court, which consisted of the chairman of the board A.Yalinyauskas, judges Y.Furmanavichyus, Y.Kishkis, ” interrogated” condemned Yurate Kyaunene (this is evident from the protocol of judicial session), although she in the court session “¦ did not participate.

The inhabitant of Panyavezhis apropos of the falsification of criminal case and documents turned herself to the chief prosecutor of Kaunas circuit prosecutor’s office K.Byatingis and, after long expectation, was obtained, finally, the stunning answer: “in the connection with the fact that facts indicated in your statement are obviously incorrect, in the pretrial investigation to refuse”.

It is refused, although the fact of the falsification of the protocol of judicial session is visible with the naked eye: surname of Y.Kyaunene in the saddle fungus about participants in the session is shaded, proposal in the end of the first page of protocol “into the court has arrived condemned Y.Kyaunene” it is corrected on “into the court has arrived the attorney of condemned I.Botyrene”. But on the second page of the protocol of judicial session the fact of falsification is very clear: they even did not bother to correct it: “The chairman of board explains to the condemned her rights. Condemned: “I understood the rights”.

“How the judge A.Yalinyauskas could explain any rights to me and how I could answer to him, if I didn’t present in the court? “ – Y.Kyaunene asks. It is the same woman, to which by the Alytus commissariat of the police was excited the criminal case about “the swindle” (this police commissariat is very well known, as the commissariat, where the police officers used to torture the innocence people by KGB methods to obtain a confession for crimes they never did, and where the son of former general commissar of police of Lithuania Vytautas Grigaravicius works) . The criminal case against Y.Kyaunene was incriminated for the fact that she did not agree to “write down” the debt in the size of 6 000 litas (about 1700 euro) to the friend of the wife of general commissar of the police of former days V.Grigaravichyus. And after the woman didn’t agree to “forget” the debt, the Alytus officers, including the former Alytus police investigator, the judge of Alytus court in these days, A.Markevičius, placed Y.Kyaunene into the psychiatric hospital. So, the totally healthy woman was placed into the psychiatric hospital. Like the KGB was placing unloyal to the Soviet Union people to the psychiatric hospital.

Thus, the fact of falsified criminal case is very clear, therefore arises the completely substantiated question: why Kaunas circuit prosecutors does not begin the pretrial investigation, does not assign an expertise and does not investigate, did the judicial session of Kaunas judges falsify the protocol or this was made by the secretary of judicial session?

Nobody could answer us into that question. Finnaly, we found that the hands of Kaunas prosecutors, however, as the prosecutors of other cities, are strongly tied: according to the law about the courts, our judges have the immunity. And the only General Prosecutor of Lithuania can begin the pretrial investigation against the judges. But he did not make it “¦


A question remains open.

How does the system work?

About how the inhabitant of Panyavezhis, Y.Kyaunene, crossed the way to the Alytus police because of the unhappy of 6000 LT, “Hot Commentary” already wrote. Let us recall: “When the business woman from Panyavezhis, Y.Kyaunene, did not agree “to write down” debt to the friend of the wife of V.Grigaravichyus, the Alytus police excited a criminal case for “swindle” (“the goods were too dearly sold”), Y.Kyaunene itself was placed into the mental hospital… But when it, finally, fell into the Supreme Court, came the period of remoteness, and woman for this reason was justified”¦ However, Y.Kyaunene will never forget the nightmares, which she had personally experienced after fallen into the cobweb corrupted systemt. As it will not go out her hope to find once truth in this matter: to find the guilties and to see them placed on the bench of criminals.

“When they brought me into the psychiatric hospital, first I was assumed into the fifth department of general regime, in the basement, and they made me the injection”, – described her experience Y.Kyaunene.

“What kind of injection? What preparation?” – I ask.

“Holoperidoli”, the name of this medicine woman will say, even if we wake her at night”¦

“This is a medicine, from which it breaks the bones”¦ the person even cannot move”¦ And you will suffer these terrible aches until they make you another injection, some anti- preparation”, says Y.Kyaunene, which tested the methods of the KGB in free Lithuania on itself.

“Did they make these pricks to you in Rokishkis?” – I asked somehow almost automatically. Because this medicine, Holoperidoli, was very famous among some officials (especially in Rokishkis). And this place used to be very famous by officials from Panyavezhis for tortures”¦ From this prick people can die of the pain. And if you want to get anti-preparation, you must sign, for example, some “confession of guilt”, where it is said, that you ” killed” that- that and that- that. You will not sign? No anti-preparation”¦

“Yes, this occurred in Rokishkiss psychiatric hospital”, Y.Kyaunene answers me. I see surprise in her eyes.

“The matter of the fact is that these medicines, which break the bones, is like a “card” of Rokishkis”, I answer the question, which was appeared in her eyes. I knew it: Y.Kyaunene was not the only, who experienced the terrible action of this preparation on herself “¦

” So, they made to you a prick”¦” – I return to the special features of our system of law.

“”¦ And it began terribly to break the bones, to turn joints”¦ The pain was impossible! And then I was called by Aukshtuolis, head physician, who said: “Either I will split you by these medicines as much, as I will want, or you will pay to me so that I would not make you this. Therefore, that you are healthy”¦ You see, I can apply to the law court each half a year and can write them that you are discovered the symptoms of depression. Nobody will allow you to take part in the court. So, the court will reexamine your matter and you will be at my disposal another half a year”¦ So, in such a way I can hold you here one-and-a-half year”.

And I understood – if I do not pay money to him, they will make from me a “vegetable”, Y.Kyaunene says. ” “And when he let me go after the money”¦”

“After the money? :.” – I refine.

“Yes, for two days”¦ The doctor let me go home after the money”¦And then, after being pulled out from there, I immediately turned myself into the press and stated: “If they make a “vegetable” from me, I beg you, publish everything in the newspaper, that everybody in Lithuania would know who and why did it to me”¦”, – the tears appeared in Y.Kyaunene’s eyes.

“And after that”¦ I took the money from the house and went back to the psychiatric hospital. I paid the money, that the doctor required, and my life in this hospital has changed: they contained the injection, I got the best room”¦ “.

Thus, because of the corrupted policemen in Alytus, the inhabitant of Panyavezhis Y.Kyaunene completely unexpectedly conducted independent “journalistic investigation”.

But these medicines interested me again.

“Tell me about this anti- preparation against Holoperidoli, when they made an injection? Before the fact of letting you go home after the money?” – I wanted to accumulate the mosaic of events completely.

“After the injection was made, first they proposed to me to agree so that I would be irresponsible. But I said: you can carry out all your examinations, but I am not a fool. And then I agreed to pay that they would make the prick of anti- preparation”¦ and they let me go home after the money”, tells about the components of her terrible experience Y.Kyaunene, and I mentally visualize the scenario of the film “Lithuania of the Bandits””¦ Of those bandits, who wear uniforms”¦

Y.Kyaunene is sure: if she would not have money or would not have paid to doctor, the end of this story would be the following: “I would have left from there completely mutilated as that man, who sent into the “crazy house” in 1987 by now days minister of Environment A.Paulauskas (then A.Paulauskas was a prosecutor)”¦ “

When Y.Kyaunene left the mental hospital, it was no one hair of natural color in her head – she was completely white”¦

“How much did you paid in Rokishkis for that so they would not mutilate you?” – I asked Y.Kyaunene.

“Very much”¦ I paid the doctor so much”¦” ” Yurate did not wish to name the precise sum.

“And you had to pay for that they would not make from you a “vegetable”?” – I refined again.

“Yes, so that they would not make from me a “vegetable”, I paid much”, confirms Y.Kyaunene.

Dead silence”¦

What kind of country is Lithuania?

How many of us left from Lithuania?


Only – million? :.

Anonymous letter from Alytus

When the case, “cooked” by Alytus officials, was already in the law court, in the week before the declaration of the solution Y.Kyaunene obtained anonymous letter. In its content it was possible to understand that it was written by the representative of Alytus police.

“I work in this system for a long time, but that what occurs now, cannot be understood by sensible mind “, it communicates in this letter.

“I was interested and controlled your case for some years and I know about it almost everything. I know that, being located in the law court, it was several times interlaced, the photographs of dolls changed, documents were withdrawn, the statements “of victims” were corrected and changed. Did disappear from your house the documents, connected with the matter? Yes! Know that several times it was secretly invaded your house, and the case was corrected and was copied on the base of the documents withdrawn there.

From the intrusions in the dwelling, wire tapping is protected not one citizen – he can be a journalist, deputy or business man. Here it is worthwhile to think: what weapon is given to corrupted officials? Is it possible to realize the consequences of such intrusions? Indeed they can anything take from your house, but also they can leave “something” in your house. And such actions are allowed and even they are encouraged by high rank officials.

Our law and orders is a cesspit in the real significance of this word, and the majority of officials must continue their future of service in the cells.

You made an enormous error, after writing article about the affairs of the Panevezys police – they began to viper on the tail. Now Panyavezhis police will combine its forces with the Alituss police, and especially with inspector Krasnitsky, who is very interested in the completion of your case.

I will write facts to you, and you decide how from them to be protected. Carry out from the house all documents, and especially foreign periodicals about the dolls (Y.Kyaunene was incriminated for “swindler”, i.e. that she was selling home made dolls (work of art) “too expensive”: she was selling the dolls for the price 250 Lt (about 70 euros) for each, but police officials indicated the price of 120 Lt (35 euro) for a doll. Do you imagine, how the police can estimate the value of a work of art? Nowhere in the world cannot. But in Lithuania, you see, they can! ” HC). Now this is their sole purpose.

Do you understand why judge did put off arbitration for two months? In order to find periodicals about the dolls and to present them in the law court in the quality of the proof that you manufactured the pages of periodicals and showed them to their “victims”. After this, everything will be simply.

Yes, scenario is ready. Executors exist. They must condemn you in order to justify its actions, and they will approach this, without being considered without anything.

I can calm down you, that they will not plant you into the prison. You will fall under amnesty. Everything is planned previously.

I prevent you once again: be very care, because all the law and order entire system works against you. And that system works not only against you: such matters in Lithuania, like yours, are hundred. The purpose justifies the means. Now they want to clean their skin.

Our reality is so severe, and some officials must work on its canons”.

This letter, signed by the fictitious surname of Zakarauskas, was sent to Y.Kyaunene from Alitus on 21 February 2006.

“About what 2- monthly interruption in the letter does deal the discussion? “ – I ask Y.Kyaunene.

“On January 12 2006, the law court took place. It ended at 12 hours, and I greatly astonished, when judge A.Markyavichyus declared interruption for 2 months – my last word, that was being continued only 5 minutes, was transferred on February 28. Only having obtained anonymous letter, by the way, the already second, I understood why he occurs”, said Y.Kyaunene.

And – the facts , mentioned in the anonymous letter , sent by policeman from Alitus , about the end of the matter were confirmed on the matter itself: on February 28, 200, by the resolution of the Alitus district law court Y.Kyaunene was condemned, however, after falling under amnesty, into the prison it did not fall. Decision was made by the judge of this law court of A.Markyavichyus.

That same judge, which 10 years ago condemned for the rape and even murder the former police officer E.Chyapulenis, to what the fellow had no relation. Then Alytus officials arrested absolutely innocent young person, incriminated him 4 rapes and 1 murder, and with the aid of the media E.Chyapulenis was converted into the terrible “Alitus’ maniac”. Only by efforts of the chief prosecutor of Kaunas circumferential procuratorship K.Byatingis the charges from Chyapulenis were taken off.

E.Chyapulenis in the Kaunas circumferential procuratorship from the represented 48 photographs identified 11 officials, who knocked out – and knocked out – him “upright confession”. However, procuratorship hushes up about further motion of consequence…

But indeed both – Alitus officials and judge A.Markyavichyus ” did need entirely a little: only to look, that DNA of the sperm of E.Chyapulenis and the sperms, discovered on the raped women,”¦ do not coincide.

How there they did speak in Stalin’s times? “Give a man, and article for him will be located””¦

Terrible 2001, or here is a “band” of V.Grigaravichyus

Yes, yes ” then, in 2001, the political new party New Union came to the power. Former prosecutor A.Paulauskas became the speaker of Seym, A.Sadyatskas became the chairman of the committee of Seym on national security and defense, and the former chief commissioner of the commissariat of the police of Alitus region and the former worker of the security service “The Ex- commissioners’ bureau” V.Grigaravichyus became the eneral Police Commissioner. Here then began unthinkable situation ” the Stalin’s times came back.

Specifically, during this period, Alytus police have done with Y.Kyaunene, the young and innocent man was put into the prison as an “maniac” without a single evidence”¦

“¦ In autumn 2001, in Alituse began to vandalize the maniac, who raped and who killed not one inhabitant of this city. Four victims were officially named, unofficially – 10.

One of the most terrible crimes was perfected by maniac on 10 October 2001. About 11 p.m., near the house on Zhuvinto street was severely beaten and raped the record keeper of the store “Media” 27-year old woman A.Shyarkshnayte, who later died in the hospital”¦

The number of victims was huge, and the Alitus police appeared helpless. But after the long silence the press finally reported the glad news: maniac is caught and placed into the guard house. One month passed and the police joyfully reported in the media: “Maniac has confessed!”

Meanwhile Kaunas circumferential procuratorship obtained the complaint of the following content:

“On 25 October 2001, I was detained by the colleagues of Alitus commissariat of the police for the suspicion of the rape. From the very first day of arrest against me physical violence and moral pressure was achieved. Each day I was derived from the guard house and conducted to the investigation actions, so that I would confess in the accomplishment of the crimes, in which they slandered me in the most known newspapers of Lithuania.

In the time during the investigation, in order to take out acknowledgements, it was used the sadism and I was forced to make a “confession”. During the motion of consequence, they told me that “the prosecutor gave the permit to beet me on the teeth”. Because of everyday slaughter and threat violence with me I was feared to write a complaint, feared turn to physician, I was suffering.

Furthermore , being found in one of the offices, it was proposed to me to drink alcohol, normal to eat, to drink coffee or tea and to describe about the perfect crimes, which I did not accomplish. This was repeated repeatedly. They told me that I committed these crimes, that if I sign this, they will allow the food transfers from my parents and I will get good conditions in the prison”¦

When they thrashed me, office was shut to the key. They forged my hands by handcuffs at the back, they slipped over head gas mask, suffocated. This was repeated 2-3 times.

They thrashed me on the turn, changing. I do not know surnames of the police officials, but I can recognize them all. They were beaten me into the different parts of the body, without leaving in this case the external tracks of slaughter.

By their hands and legs they were beaten me along the kidneys, the livers, in the solar interlacement, sex organs, they suffocated, broke hands. One of the officials ordered to show sex organs to him it, another reached authorized weapon and put to face.

They indicated that I should push rubber bludgeon into the rear passage, but this they did not make, only were beating and beating me”¦

I was placed into prisoners in Lazdiyay and Druskininkay. They also tortured me in Druskininkay. There I turned myself to the physicians, so there must be a record.

From Druskininkay they conveyed me on the green automobile, where they also were beating and suffocating me, stretching on my head 2 plastic bags.

In the connection with worsening in the health status in the guard house in Alitus I also turned myself to the physicians.

In Lukishkes prison I requested to inspect internal organs, but no one turned to me attention. They gave only medicines for the kidneys, therefore that I had an operation on the kidneys, and from the tortures I began to moisten with blood”.

Without having carried out tortures, Chyapulenis “confessed” in the rape of women. Because of this “upright acknowledgement”, the judge A.Markyavichyus condemned Chyapulenis to 10 years in prison. Without having noted that DNA of the sperm of Chyapulenis and sperm, discovered on the victims, does not coincide.

After that the same judge A.Markyavichyus shut into the crazy house Y.Kyaunene, which did not want “to write down” debt in 6000 LT to the friend of V[Grigaravichyus’ wife”¦

“Judge A.Markyavichyus into the law court came without the mantle, in the light brown suit, and, after assuming foot on the foot, he explained to us, that there is one truth in Alitus , into Balbyarishkes there is another truth, and in Panyavezhis- the third, and he conducts law court in Alituse as he wants ” it is his right”, Gyadiminas Kyaune, the husband of Yurate Kyaunene, remembers.

” I do not understand, you want to say, that the judge Markyavichyus was in the law court without the mantle?”, I could not believe.

“Yes”, answered Gyadiminas. Already nothing will astonish him in the law-enforcement institutions of Lithuania”¦

“He appeared into the law court without the mantle, in the costumer, well dressed, it was missing only the bottle of cognac and three wineglasses on the table only”, G.Kyaune shares his impressions.

“And this occurred in the Alitus district law court?”¦”

“Yes, precisely there”, refines G.Kyaune.

“And at what sessions the judge was without the judical mantle? “ ” I wanted to refine.

“When it was assigned forced treatment to my wife in Utena psychiatric hospital”. – answers G.Kyaune.

“You know, judge A.Markyavichyus asked me: “Did your business bring a profit? Was it enough to buy a cognac?” I answered: “Alcohol is not my passion. Maybe, this is your passion”¦” “I will plant you for 15 arrest for the insult of law court!” “What question, such and answer” ” I said”, recalls Gyadiminas.

And what do you think, where is the judge A. Markyavichyus today? You will not believe – they increased him in the post. Today he is the judge of Kaunas administrative law court.

So, the question is the following: how many human fates it is necessary to break, that this judge would become, for example, the judge of Vilnius court of appeals?

Indeed, everything in Lithuania occurs not in the manner that in the normal democratic countries ” the dirtier it is, the higher position you get”¦

Politics still fear to speak loudly

When “Hot Commentary” about this matter and generally about the situation in the Lithuanian law-enforcement institutions conversed with one of the members of parliamentary committee of right and law, he said: “Thus far there will be this authority, there will be no hope for the changes in Lithuania. There must come the new, young political force, which will sweep from this corrupted Lithuanian “vessel” all judges like Markyavichyus or Jalinyauskas, and from the police – all “grigaravichyuses”. In the contrary case we will never find any truth in Lithuania”.

And he is right”¦

P.S. After this article was published in the weekly “Hot Commentary” in Lithuanian, already on the following day Giedre Goriene was charged with “slander” of A.Sadeckas (one of the main “roof” of this awful Stalin’s system in nowdays Lithuania) – oficially it was done for the opinion, published about him one year ago, – and Giedre Goriene was placed in Lithuania by home arrest untill middle of September (the court for “slander” of former militia worker A.Sadeckas will take place in September 11, 2008).

But speaking unofficially, journalist and editor-in-chief of “Hot Commentary” Giedre Goriene was placed by home arrest in Lithuania for the only reason: that she could no go to Brussels, to European Economy and Social Committee, where she was invited, and tell about what is going in Lithuania for really, i.e. that Lithuania by all means in its law-and-order system came back to Stalin’s times.


- Reklama -


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