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President Dalia Grybauskaite. Photo by Valentinas Goris

Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė was the only one who had the courage to publically demand for political responsibility from the heads of Parties for various multiple infringements during Seimas election. HC’s photo.

The election of new Seimas of Lithuania’s is over. Although for the first time since the restoration of independence had been so much controversy, senseless noise, and even political accusations in an attempt to answer the fundamental question of values ​​choices: was the supreme head of the nation right when publicly and courageously demanding transparency and responsibility from political parties and their heads victorious in Seimas election.

To the latest political uproar for the presidential role and power, evaluating one or another political party and possibility of their participation in shadow election and vote purchase episodes from democratic values perspective, in the judicial process, actively participating not only political scientists, but also Valdas Adamkus, a president who has finished his cadency. The comments made in the Public Area about the statement made by Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaitė about the fact that she does not want to see one ‘dirty’ party in the government, Adamkus said that ‘through the entire period of the restored Lithuania’s independence has never been such a case’.

And that is absolutely correct, until now not a single one head of nation has declared such a brave and clear position on the need for transparency of the activities of political parties. But the Lithuania’s president has not only identified, but immediately appealed to the Constitutional Court on the most important principle of constitutional democracy – representation – breach, also on her own initiative providing minimum statutory amendments, which were returning the penalties for any vote purchases in the elections.

Constitutional democracy is violated not only by criminally purchasing votes of voters but also presents, supposed charities, other indirect methods of voter’s manipulation. And one of them is a truly public deception, when a voter suddenly hears that his elected politician had no intention of work in Seimas and just goes back to working in Brussels. And to people’s complaints, why did our members from European Parliament standing in one or the other party list, and then, as if mocking us, after the election, suddenly withdrew its mandate, had been answered traditionally: that voters elected what they wanted. This formal political argument has already become an old façade democracy treasure which helps you to recognize the results of the legislative elections, regardless of any attention to the actual circumstances.

Similarly, the political scientist Algis Krupavičius tries to teach president Dalia Grybauskaitė, explaining that she was not only that elected Seimas, but the whole nation, so the results cannot be questioned (‘If the nation decided not the way she wanted to, you can display a contempt’). And if the nation is being openly mocked, being manipulated; the fundamental value of democracy – trust – is being abused?

Façade form of governance – is a relic from that era, when the famous Potemkin villages were being set up, where peasants lived their puppet life, and the personal and political responsibility for their own country and its powers was completely destroyed, and therefore over few centuries they become tightly indoctrinated with the traditional silence, obedience, loyalty, even in the face of government arbitrariness.

The formal façade democracy not only is distorting the results of the elections, because its harm to the political thinking is huge, it’s bright in all the management areas.

A former executive government for the first time in its five-year plan had increased the minimum wages by half a hundred Litas. Seemingly, indeed a progress, after the economic stress, for the sake of the well-being of the people, but that half of hundred Litas was taxed immediately, and what left was only 36 Litas.

The true meaning of these pennies dumped on people in the background of our Lithuanian prices and inflation growth instantly becoming nothing – truthfully speaking no one cares about it. While in façade inner politic obeying all formal democracy rules the play that they were holding truly European labour politic continued. And the outcome of this façade governing politic – is the enormous emigration. Free young people do not want to remain hostages of backward and hypocritical states public policy. Recent year’s demographic data shows that after each year we are losing about a midsize town. Emigrating young families already take their little children together which there are about hundred thousand these days that speak difficultly in Lithuanian or even does not know Lithuanian at all.

Therefore, with this amount of emigrants we are at the top of all European Community countries and this extraordinary achievement is impressive, as it is primarily associated with the loss of billions of Litas: Lithuanian education system annually invests billions of Litas to the so-called student basket, publicly funded studies while their beneficiaries ran away and the added value is being already made in foreign countries.

Within façade formal management system political responsibility is almost faded, because in this flawed timeworn democracy tendency no one is responsible for anything, political parties and their heads that are getting richer from budget money are only fighting amongst themselves, blaming each other of complicated consequences after bad governing, because no one is capable of anything, though no one wants to do anything, after all electoral promises shatter as soon as all the institutional forces are shared.

Contemporary democracy as a country’s governing form, in which government is being elected during free and universal election, in attempt to tend to people prosperity, is firstly based by political responsibility. Thus this kind of political thinking cannot be selective; on the contrary, it is based on personal an objective, global responsibility for the nation and its people lives.

The Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaitė was the only who had the courage to publicly demand political responsibility from numerous violations of parties leaders during Seimas election, which appeared in attempt to get the votes by any means, later pretending that the election results subtly decorated in fraud is like the Holy cow, which cannot even be touched.

In the background of global collapse of political values this courageous step is truly historical, because Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė as the country’s supreme leader has showed her own political will, establishing responsibility as a fundamental political values and democracy principle.

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