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Raising suspicions to L.Stankūnaitė is a part of a very cunning plan provided by prosecutors; because L.Stankūnaitė has a right to require a 5th expertise for her daughter only being a participant of the judicial process. (Photo by 'Karštas komentaras')

By Giedrė Gorienė

The interview of L.Lavastė with Laimutė Stankūnaitė published today by ‘Lietuvos rytas’ cites sources of the daily who apparently know that ‘it had been decided to sacrifice L.Stankūnaitė’. Thus, at the sitting of 15th September, the Panevėžys circuit court who has to consider complaints submitted by Aidas Venckus and his spouse Neringa Venckienė, will take decision to return the case of child sexual abuse to the prosecutor’s office and to bring L.Stankūnaitei to trial.

According to the sources of ‘Lietuvos rytas’, the decision ‘to sacrifice L.Stankūnaitė’ was taken by a team formed of representatives from the General Prosecutor’s Office and advisors of the Lithuanian President.

The article by L.Lavastė depicts the beloved of A.Ūsas as a victim with whom one has decided allegedly to deal his own way: it is known that suspicions will be raised to L.Stankūnaitė, though, as presented by sources of ‘Lietuvos rytas’, no new information has been received and still no grounds exist to bring L.Stankūnaitė to trial, a mother who rented a flat where the accused A.Ūsas has depraved a minor girl, daughter of L.Stankūnaitė and D.Kedys.

Meanwhile sources of ‘Karštas komentaras’ from the prosecutor’s office state that this ‘Lietuvos rytas’ interview with L.Stankūnaite made by journalist L.Lavastė is an introduction to the appointment of 5th expertise for the girl. The sources are sure that ‘L.Stankūnaitė knows the future scenario perfectly and everything is coordinated with her”.

What is the true plan of prosecutors?

According to the sources of ‘Karštas komentaras’, a consequent plan is performed up to now; also one prosecutor from the General Prosecutor’s Office informed the Venckus family about it in his letter during events of Garliava: it has been decided to perform a 5th expertise for D.Kedys daughter and that is to be reached by any means.

It is known that ‘Karštas komentaras’ published about the letter of one prosecutor from the General Prosecutor’s Office, which was handed over to Venckus family the third day of Garliava events. The letter stated that the daughter of D.Kedys would be brought from Lithuania not at once, but after an expertise. The letter also informed that at the same time when Lithuanian people guarded the home of Venckienė after the famous decision of the judge B.Varsackis and kept a bailiff away in order he could not hand over the court decision and take the girl from Neringa Venckienė, one psychiatrist had come from Russia, commissioned with a task to obtain such testimony from the girl, by means of 7 to 10 hypnosis and medication seanses, after appointment of an expertise, which would permit prosecuting spouses Venckai and drawing them on the penal responsibility, as if Neringa Venckienė allegedly forced the girl to lie and Aidas Venckus hid D.Kedys, searched suspect in two murders.

However people who had gathered around the home of Venckus family in Garliava and not permitted entrance of a bailiff ruined the plan created by black prosecutors that time.

As ‘Karštas komentaras’ reported earlier, it was decided then to implement this plan in summer. A preliminary article appeared in ‘Lietuvos rytas’: an interview with a subordinate of V.Nekrošius, person from ‘statesmen’1, focused on need to appoint an international expertise for D.Kedys’ daughter in the case of child sexual abuse. Several weeks later after this article, L.Stankūnaitė officially applied to T.Staniulis, deputy prosecutor general asking appointment of a 5th expertise for the girl.

But the General Prosecutor’s Office is not in a position to appoint the expertise at present. As sources of ‘Karštas komentaras’ from the prosecutor’s office explain: “Firstly, the file is in the court, and, secondly, L.Stankūnaitė is not a participant of this judicial process, therefore she has no right to require an expertise for the girl”.

After long pondering, strategists of child sexual abuse case decided to implement the plan in the way described below, as by the sources.

‘The Panevėžys Circuit Court will return the file to the prosecutor’s office with the aim to reassure the public that suspicions would be raised to L.Stankūnaitė.

The prosecutor’s office would raise suspicions to L.Stankūnaitė based on the earlier decision of the court (in the file on raising suspicions).

After being named suspect, L.Stankūnaitė would become a participant of the judicial process at the same time, and would be able to require a 5th expertise for the girl.

The prosecutor’s office would appoint the 5th expertise for the girl.

The girl would be isolated in a remote place and 7 to 10 hypnosis and medication seanses performed with her; then she could give such ‘testimonies’, which would permit cancelling the child sexual abuse file and drawing spouses Venckus on penal responsibility: as if the girl talked lies under influence of Venckienė previously and Venckus had brought the girl to an appointment with her farther.

Suspicions regarding L.Stankūnaitė to be abrogated, the girl to be returned to her biological mother and penal proceedings to be instituted against Aidas Venckus and Neringa Venckienė.

“The action finished means the end of the child sexual abuse case”, so reported the plans created by black security officers and prosecutors the sources of “Karštas komentaras” from a prosecutor’s office.

‘Read articles written by L.Lavastė, watch TV programmes by V.Gaivenis and you will know what is planned. All plans are presented in articles by L.Lavastė and programmes by V.Gaivenis, only one has to learn recognizing them”, said the sources of “Karštas komentaras”.

A role of victim for L.Stankūnaitė

The sources are sure that Laimutė Stankūnaitė is acquainted with this plan, all is discussed and coordinated with her. “The fact that the layer L.Kraujutaitienė cancelled L.Stankūnaitė representation contract is a part of the same plan: formation of the image of victim for L.Stankūnaitė: that is to say the poor has really bad times, even her lawyer turned her back on her. But all that is only a performance before decisive events this autumn”, the sources of “Karštas komentaras” said

‘L.Stankūnaitė will cry and will play a victim in TV programmes by Gaivenis now, but she knows the future scenario perfectly that suspicions should be raised to her in order she could become a participant of the judicial process and require a 5th expertise for the girl. And L.Stankūnaite knows well that once the 5th expertise will be performed, suspicions towards her will be cancelled. And not only towards her; also Andrius Ūsas will be rehabilitated, because, with help of hypnosis and drugs, the girl should give ‘testimonies’ that she has talked about raping influenced by Neringa Venckienė”, so disclosed the plan created by strategists of child sexual abuse case the sources of “Karštas komentaras” from the prosecutor’s office.

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