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Incident covered from public and media in Military air force base in Šiauliai where NATO fighter aircraft base resides. Photo by V.Goris

It is suspected that in Lithuania’s Military air force base in Šiauliai where NATO air police mission is being executed a crime happened that could spark off an international uproar.

The Prosecutor’s office stingy about the pre-trial investigation related to Šiauliai aircraft base they say that, the pre-trial investigation is being carried by Military police.

However the reality may be quite different: fear of potential international embarrassment, because a possible crime was committed in the Military airport, where NATO air police mission is being carried.

Sources: the investigation in Estonia led to the Šiauliai air force base

At this time Military police (and being watched by Klaipėda’s district Prosecutor’s office) a pre-trial investigation is being held for De-icing granules for aircraft landing runway spreading being removed.

According to the data sources there was a tractor that went into Military air force base in Šiauliai where NATO air police mission is being executed and after some time left the air force base’s territory.

When truck was stopped and checked after leaving the air force base it was proven to be carrying De-icing granules which were dedicated for aircraft landing runway spreading.

According to data this tractor was with De-icing granules from air force base in Šiauliai was caught while carrying an investigation in Lithuania on Estonia’s demand.

Got caught because of price dumping

By non-official data, one company from Šiauliai was participating in Estonia’s Military airport – the same to which Estonia is trying to transfer NATO air police’s mission from air force base in Šiauliai – contest to supply De-icing granules.

There was also one Finish company that was participating in this contest, according to sources, they offered factory cost. Saying there could not be ant lower price. However company from Šiauliai supposedly offered even lower price, than from the factory.

According to information Finish company has appealed the results of contest and has asked of Estonia’s to perform an investigation on possible dumping: to figure out from where does a company from Šiauliai, which is not even a factory that makes granules and just company that may reside in a flat, gets De-icing granules at even lower price than from the factory.

This investigation, according to sources, led to Lithuania’s Military air force base in Šiauliai, where NATO air police mission is being carried.

Based on non-official data the De-icing granules were being taken from this Military air base that were plotted to be sold to rivals – Estonia’s Military airport which is trying to take over the NATO air police mission.

Prosecutor office refuses to comment the case

Klaipėda’s district Prosecutor’s office refuses to comment the case they say that that pre-trial investigation is being held by Military police.

‘Hot Commentary’ was only able to know that one soldier from Military air force base in Šiauliai was arrested; later his remand measure has been changed. Military police has ousted him from his services.

‘It was Military police that ousted him from his services – prosecution office did not do it’ – the deck was informed by Klaipėda’s district Prosecutor’s office spokeswoman for public relations Palmira Martinkienė.

‘I can only say that there are three suspects, one of them – a soldier. They are given allegations of abuse of office and on suspicion of fraud, but may vary, depending on how the investigation will take place. The examination of the accounting documents will take place and that is all I can say’ – P. Martinkienė said to the ‘Hot Commentary’.

In total, two of the three suspects were arrested, but now the remand measures have been changed.

‘This is a military police investigation, the prosecutor only controls. This day this is just as much as we can say’ – was all Klaipėda’s district Prosecutor’s office spokeswoman for public relations Palmira Martinkienė could say.

Sources: how did the scheme worked

The ‘Hot Commentary’ sources fear that this pre-trial investigation, which is concealed in a huge halo of mystery, may be ’extinguished’ – in fear of an international scandal or not solved completely: supposedly it could end with punishment of squadron head and in-depth investigation left uncompleted.

According to unofficial data, by Estonia’s request carrying the investigation with the De-icing granules that was not the first tractor that took granules that belonged to the military base. Sources claim that it was eighth time. It is possible that one truck is capable of holding granules worth about 100 thousand Litas.

According to sources, the potential for crime scheming Military air force base in Šiauliai where NATO air police mission was carried out supposedly worked like this: by documents the De-icing granules were being ‘spread’ even in those airport places that were not needed and where they have never been spread before while actually unused granules were being carried to a truck and taken from Military air forces base territory.

Data sources claim that, from Military air force base truck with De-icing granules was coming according to a document that a ‘private company asked them to lend De-icing granules’. After truck with granules left through Military air force bases gates this document, according to sources, was shredded to pieces because according to documents those granules were ‘speeded’ across bases territory.

In opinion of the sources this scheme could have potentially continue to be operating if not for Finish would not have requested an investigation in Estonia for De-icing granules from Lithuania, Šiauliai that were sold way too cheap.

Military air force base is being shaken by one scandal after another

As you know, this Military air force base scandal is not the first. Last year, summer white ‘Hot Commentary’ wrote about how military helicopter withdrew from its post by seaside and delivered a water plane that belonged to private company from Pociūnai airport to Nemunas River. That time free service from Military air force was explained as ‘military exercises’ and therefore a more thorough study has not been performed.

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